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Trimble's new office building in Espoo, Finland

Showcasing Trimble's constructible process

Digital tools and workflows

are changing the way the world works

Constructible process in action

Trimble's new office is built in Espoo, Finland. The development concept called the Oasis of Professionals (OOPS) is located in its district of Leppävaara.  

The project group works closely with Trimble's software and hardware specialists to build beyond BIM. Using accurate data and real-time collaboration, every person, phase and process works seamlessly, optimizing the entire design, build and operate lifecycle.

The project is developed and built by Nordic construction and development company NCC and it will be owned by Finnish insurance company Varma. The new Trimble office building was completed in September 2021. 

Learn how it is done

Design & Engineering
Operation & Management

Hear from the people making it work


“One of the best things is to roll out Trimble’s strengths in BIM tools and digital surveying equipment in practice. To bring the models to site with mobile applications, total stations and virtual reality solutions like never before. On the other hand we can bring site conditions back to office by drones and laser scanners. It’s groundbreaking to witness how digital and physical world meet and go hand in hand at the site.”

Riku Laiho

Head of VDC, NCC Finland


“Digital building permit system increases the transparency. All transactions are traceable and, if necessary you can return back to the past discussions. I'm very interested to see how collaboration with Trimble will enhance our development and construction processes and take us to the next era of digitalizing the industry."

Pirkka Pikkarainen

Project Director,

NCC Property Development


"This is a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities  and software and hardware products power in action.”

Timo Keinänen

Managing Director,
Trimble Solutions

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