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A virtual visit to the construction site

Trimble’s new Finland offices construction site does not accept group visits at the moment, but we can pay them a virtual visit in 3D by rotating this 360-degree panorama.

Head of NCC’s VDC team Riku Laiho and “digital engineers” Eero-Pekka Piipponen and Nithesh Nadarajah created a 360-degree panorama photo of the site. The montage was produced with Matterport Pro2 3D camera which is in use on NCC’s other sites, too, for this type of documentation. The camera records structural details accurately and transmits a recognizable image of the surroundings.

We can see by rotating the image that five floors have been built. Completed installations include building A’s 7th-floor beams, precast units and hollow-core slabs, building B’s 5th-floor beams and hollow-core slabs, and casting of the ground-supported basement floor.

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