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City of Espoo’s electronic service allows real-time building permit procedure

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Architect Leena Brooke kicked off the building permit process for Trimble’s new offices in Finland 1 October 2018 by entering the application in the City of Espoo’s electronic service.

Obviously such major project was introduced to the City of Espoo in various meetings before the application process. And before this, zoning needed to be altered. Since the existing town plan for the Hatsinanpuisto area did not allow an office building of the desired height, the developers had to apply for an exemption, which can also be processed in the electronic service. The architects have been able to study the city plan through the Trimble map service in use by the City of Espoo.

Leena Brooke and Anna Ryhänen uploaded the updated drawings into the service by request of the building control department during the permit process. They enclosed documentation on the designers’ qualifications, land management, noise reports and construction and demolition waste-disposal, for example. During construction, the service will be used to submit all necessary structural and specific design plans.

The building control department enters data about the performed reviews and the terms and conditions into the system. For example, information about the building’s exact location on the plot marked in June can be easily found in the service.

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