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XR10 mixed reality hard hat in pilot use on the Trimble offices site in Finland

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The builder of Trimble’s new Finland offices NCC is the first in the country to pilot Trimble XR10 hard hat on site. Feedback from NCC’s VDC team will help further improve the Trimble Connect for Hololens application and its user experience. The headset has been featured in Finnish technology and construction media, and it is now available to buy in Finland.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Trimble, we are able to pilot on site the latest devices and software applications that help plan and carry out construction,” said digital engineer Eero-Pekka Piipponen of NCC in the company’s bulletin.

Piipponen says the hard hat allows to see the construction site “with new eyes” and that it leads the way towards mixed reality. Piipponen points out that this is something unprecedented and that after the first “almost absurd” experience and through some practice the tool has been in daily use on site. Based on six months’ experience, he believes XR10 will have many uses in the future. Building services technicians have embraced the headset on the Espoo site. In the future, the technology can be used to monitor and measure on-site completion, for example. At the time of an epidemic, the device allows transmitting live footage from the construction site to a site meeting held remotely.

“Mixed reality helps manage details, develop design and modeling, complete various phases faster, improve understanding, and reduce errors,” Piipponen says. NCC plans to put the hard hat into use on its other sites, too.

“Feedback from NCC’s VDC team will help us further improve the Trimble Connect for Hololens application and its user experience,” said Jussi Ketoja of Trimble in Finnish construction newspaper Rakennuslehti.

A “super graph” of XR10 was published on the Finnish Tekniikka & Talous magazine’s site.

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