Project milestones

2018 October

Permissions and licenses

2019 May

Construction project kick-off

2019 June

Machine controlled ground work and piling

2019 September

Foundation work model

2019 October

Structural work, first installations of units

2020 February

Casting of slab-on-grade

2020 March

Concrete masonry basement

2020 April

Facade work, installation of units

2020 April

HVAC installation

2020 April

Roof installation

2020 June

Glass roof steel trusses

2020 June

Parking garage CIP frame

2020 June

Facade, metal and glass wall

2020 June

Exterior wall surface structures

2020 September

Waterproof roof, heating on

2020 Sept - Dec

Construction of interior walls

2020 Sept - Dec

Screeding, painting, tiling

2020 Sept - Dec

Carpets, trimming, fixtures

2021 April


2021 June

Building mechanical system testing commission

2021 June

Supervisor inspections

2021 September

Project completed